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Good Design. Designed For Good.

The Together Project is a marketplace showcasing beautifully designed goods made sustainably by artisans and brands around the world, whose mission is to create positive change in the communities in which they create. We aim to bring together design lovers, conscious consumers, and thoughtful producers, harnessing the ability to create a meaningful impact on our purchasing practices.

What We Stand For

Beautiful design created to last. Ethical production. Positive impact before profits. Every designer and brand needs to take extreme responsibility for the product they put into the world from the path to purchase to the path beyond the purchase. For us, no product should cause any harm to people or planet in its entire life cycle.

We believe that enterprises using their sales for good are exactly the types of businesses the world needs more of.

Sustainable Values

Sustainability is the buzzword of the day, but what does it really mean within the context of The Together Project? For us, we take a holistic approach to the definition, focusing on the impact the production of an item has across the following key areas: SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL, CULTURAL.

SOCIAL: Brands should be able to show evidence of placing emphasis on the fair treatment of their workers and be able to trace their supply chain. Fair wages, worker safety, gender equity, and a formal statement on workers’ rights are key. Forced and child labour is flatly banned from The Together Project platform.

ENVIRONMENTAL: The use of sustainable materials), especially recycled or upcycled is of utmost importance, as is the brand showing efforts in reducing emissions, water consumption, and waste/wastewater production in their supply chains. When animal products are used, they are by-products of the food industry, non-mulesed wool, and non force-fed feather. Fur and exotic skins are not accepted on the TTP platform.

CULTURAL: Priority is given to Women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA owned businesses. Brands highlighting the preservation of an Indigenous art form.

IMPACT: Brands must meet the standards of our definition of sustainability to be featured in our marketplace, but additionally they must be committed to positive impact work within the communities from where they produce. To us, this impact can be measured most effectively against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and are a driving force in how we model our business efforts.


  • Joining a global community of likeminded brands who are committed to putting people and planet first. Our goal is to support each other in order to lift everyone up. We’ve created a creative community space where brands can communicate with and learn from each other.
  • Providing tools to change how we collectively design, brand, sell and consume products, for good.
  • Mentoring of brands in how they can improve specific business practices with education on circular economy, path to purchase and path beyond purchase, sustainable materials and manufacturing, fair and living wage practices, preserving Ingenious art forms and cultural practices, just to name a few.
  • Access to our Seller Handbook with look books, guides and inspiration for product and campaign photography.
  • Reach, reporting and SEO optimisation to allow for growth of brands audiences and visibility.
  • Option to be profiled on our Story platform with our strong storytelling arm and content creation capabilities.
  • Brand exposure to new audiences through our own marketing and social media channels.
  • Alignment with other ethical and transparent brands in one curated place on our design focused and aesthetically driven marketplace.
  • Access to our user friendly and technologically advanced platform.
  • Flexibility by removing the work of managing and marketing one’s own site, including a vendor vacation if the store needs to be temporarily shut.


  1. Review your business to ensure you align with the above, we know no business is perfect, but if you believe you are working towards some or all of the above values we believe we’d work well together!
  2. Contact us on our Contact Us page to register your interest in becoming a vendor on The Together Project.
  3. We will review and be in contact with a questionnaire every brand must complete in order to ensure that some or all parts of their business align with The Together Project values.
  4. Please note all vendors must have drop shipping capabilities.
  5. Vendors are responsible for uploading their own product and profiles, and managing and fulfilling orders. The Together Project can guide vendors through this process as we are here to help.

Thank you very much for your interest in working with The Together Project. Click here to enquire about becoming a vendor.



The Together Project will only send you good. When you sign up we plant one tree. To say thank you to you, and the planet.


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