Who are vendors?

Each vendor on The Together Project is independent. Shop vendors are independent micro-businesses who create or curate their own inventory and manage their own orders. If you have questions about an item you’re interested in or a recent purchase, the vendor is the best person to ask.

Shipping and Returns

Please visit our Shipping and returns page here.


Pre-ordering mean means you get early access to a vendors item, securing the product before it sells out. For some items the vendor will begin making an item you want to purchase once you place your order. This helps companies to work on demand and help remote communities to receive payment to purchase materials to begin the making of your order.


Subscriptions are ongoing purchases you make through The Together Project. When you purchase a subscription product through our vendor you will commit to ongoing purchases of a particular product. Please contact the vendor direct to make any changes to your subscription.

How to contact a vendor

Vendors can help you with:

  • Item details like size, colour, and materials.
  • Delivery information such as when an item will be dispatched.
  • Return and exchange policies, since each vendor sets their own policies.

To contact a shop about an order on The Together Project:

  1. Sign in to The Together Project.
  2. Click Contact The Vendor let them know to product you are interested in buying.
  3. Fill out the form to contact the vendor with your enquiry.

How to report issues with an order

If you have trouble with your order – your purchase wasn’t received or isn’t as described – you might consider filing a case with the vendor. Cases are best responded to by the vendor directly. Contact The Vendor with any such issue.

If you feel as through the issue has not been resolved by the vendor, please get in touch with The Together Project at hello@thetogetherproject.co.



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