Home is community with David Nana Opoku Ansah

Local Ghanaian photographer David Ansah is an adventurous spirit, who explores his homeland with a camera in hand.

David’s main aim is to use images to engender a sense of freedom and curiosity among his audience. In order to capture moments of wonder and serenity David works as an artist with a sincere passion for all things photographic; beautiful light, film, sincere people and beautiful spaces.

"Brother's keeper" - HUMAN CONNECTION 002 Models @thecolouredtwins Assist. Director : @koficozy

He has shot projects for Gucci in Ghana such as GUCCI X MANJUJOURNAL “We Are All They” Genderless, fluid approach – Rethinking the African masculinity and his two series; Northern Faces and Area Boys were recently displayed publicly in London splashed across the large screens in Piccadilly Circus, as part of a special project paying tribute to photographer James Barnor.

“I want to tell stories in a different light and challenge the set norms of what black images should look like. I want to create the world I see in my head.”
David Nana Opoku Ansah
21st - 30th April at Piccadilly Circus: A spotlight on five emerging photographers from Africa and the diaspora.
David Ansah, Silvia Rosi (@slyrosi) Thabiso Sekgala, Adama Jalloh @_adamajalloh and Lebohang Kganye (@lebohang_kganye) curated by Culture Art Society (CAS) to reflect on their shared trajectories to Barnor’s archive. David's images seen here were commissioned by The Together Project.


The Together Project was lucky enough to travel to Bolgatanga with David in 2018, where he captured the beautiful images Northern Faces now for sale on the site.. In late April they were splashed across multi-media billboards on Piccadilly Circus, as part of a collection curated by the Culture Art Society (CAS). The works were all chosen to reflect on their shared trajectories with one of Ghana's pioneering photographers, James Barnor. David's acclaimed project captures the theme of freedom and what it means for coming-of-age Ghanaian boys.

This narrative connects effortlessly with David’s origins and his journey to self expression as an artist.

The idea that “all things are worth photographing,” is a functional pillar of David’s ethos.

Below David discusses his time travelling with The Together Project and his two prints, which are both now available in the marketplace.

5 mins with David Ansah

The Together Project: What’s special to you about these images?

Dave Ansah: A community is what these images represent to me. This series of images really makes me feel like home can be everything, not just people related by blood, home can be a person, something you love, or whatever you think about that makes you feel safe.


What does home mean to you?

Home is a place one can be selfless in, without judgments. And for me as an artist and imagemaker, I’ve been looking for a home. I find that in the subjects I shoot, the conflict of a subject’s emotion and what I want to mirror, is such an interesting dynamic.


How do these two images taken from Northern Faces and Area Boys fit with your greater body of work?

This work talks about community and home. I’ve always used freedom and selflessness as a centre of what I create. I want to tell stories in a different light and challenge the set norms of what black images should look like. I want to create the world I see in my head.


How would you describe the trip to Bolgatanga on which you shot these?

It was quite interesting to be able to bond with people from different parts of the world. Hannah Brady (Chief Operations Manager at The Together Project) is my favourite person and I love her so much. The experience was great. I would relive it again, if possible. It really made me realise that I need to go and explore more.


What are you working on now?

At the moment, I live in Accra and I’m thinking about long term projects. A solo exhibition, some personal projects, films and some books I’d like to do. I am also resting, and taking time to reflect on what I’ve been able to achieve thus far.


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