From Eco-Resorts, to Eco-Enlightenment

The Beatles went to India for enlightenment. Prince joined the Jehovah’s Witness. Madonna converted to Kabbalah, and both Christy Turlington and Sting, became world famous yogis. For at least three decades, it seemed that having it all, was synonymous with giving it all up. As consumers we got the message loud and clear: health is the new cool. Circa 2021, the health of our bodies and our planet is intimately intertwined, and this trend for holistic happiness is growing.

Now when we travel, our life philosophy is evident, not just in our chosen destination, but in our hotel and pick of poolside hobbies. Now that travel can transport us to a magnificent eco-destination full of mind blowing design, we expect it to be as in tune with the local landscape, as it is with it’s local peoples. Now travel is taking us to a places – that embrace sustainability in every fibre of their being.

Kisawa Sanctuary Culinary: Both the Cove and Ocean sides of the property host a Mussassa; laid back, colourful, all day beach cafes offering seasonal dishes with an emphasis on fresh, outdoor dining and drinks. Proudly for Kisawa all produce is sourced from within a 300 mile radius of Kisawa, or made in the Kisawa Kitchen.

Kisawa Sanctuary 

Nature, culture and service combine in a sublime mix at Kisawa Sanctuary opened in April 2021 on an island off Mozambique.

Led by founder and creative director, Nina Flohr, and General Manager Chorten Wangyel, the team has made strategic decisions informed by extensive research to ensure they create a positive impact for the people of Mozambique and its natural surroundings.

Every bungalow is decorated individually, but is tied together by the use of traditional craft, with local weaving, carpentry and textiles showcased elegantly in the interiors.

The Sanctuary and its surrounds fights to protect and study native species.

Kisawa Sancturary
Photo courtesy of Kisawa Sanctuary

“I have rarely seen a country so humble and rooted in tradition but also so innovative and embracing of new ideas… Mozambique’s nature is sublime. It is a place you have to visit to appreciate the scale of the environments, be that the size of the beaches, the number of birds or the height of the palm trees.”
Nina Flohr, Kisawa founder, Swiss Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Kisawa Sanctuary. The indoor-outdoor fluidity of Kisawa’s design supports a flow aligned with the ‘find your own rhythm’ guest experience.
Kisawa Sanctuary. Kisawa’s approach to craftsmanship is designed to involve and create work for as many people from Benguerra and the neighbouring islands as possible. The skilled work of local weavers, thatchers, carpenters and textile makers is showcased with pride.
Casona Sforza comprises asymmetric volumes with clean lines that are integrated into the landscape and make use of the ancient techniques of arches and vaults. Photo by: Alex Krotkov

Casona Sforza

Tucked into the peaceful shoreline in Puerto Escondido, Mexico sits  the sustainable hotel Casona Sforza.

It is a place inspired by its local history, resources and handicrafts and was designed by revered Mexican architect Alberto Kalach.

Connecting with its magical location on the coastline of Oaxaca, where the delta of the Colotopec river flows through cypresses, oaks and mangroves towards the ocean, the hotel structure has pale, sandy hues. Its walls that seem to glow in the daylight, while the soft breezes move through a magnetic corridor, toward a terrace with a pool featuring concentric forms.

It encourages guests to be aware of their environment. Every aspect of the design is there to help seduce visitors into contemplate the profound beauty of the landscape. Created with an unusual structure, it reflects the deeper ecological commitment and was designed by Kalach, who is known for his site-​specific work.

The activities guests do and the food guests eat also taps into the vital importance of ecological and social responsibility. Farm-to-table principles inspire the menu, ensuring the freshness of the ingredients, which come from local producers who make use of non-intensive, seasonal farming processes.

To cap off the rockstar aspect of this sanctuary, the hotel offers private yoga, massages and surfing lessons, dolphin and whale watching.

Casona Sforza

“It places centre-stage the value of being aware – of contemplating and understanding the beauty of an environment in balanceElements highlight the attributes of the site and the surroundings – such as the sunset, the sound of the ocean, and the movement of the breeze – and combine with the textures and colours of the architecture.”
The Studio of Alberto Kalach Taller de arquitectura X_TAX.
Casona Sforza: Bohemian and inspiring neutral colours, sub-tropical woods and textures drawing on nature help to adorn 11 vaulted suites. Decorative lighting, and lamps come from local makers in the Oaxacan highlands, where they are many potters, cabinetmakers, farmers and beekeepers in the workshops of Pueblo del Sol – a sustainable production project whose work is supported by Casona Sforza.
To get more enlightened take a walking or bush tour along the coastline or in the nearby nature reserves..
“When we saw the site for Kasiiya Papagayo, we saw that it was very beautiful, with a strong character of its own, yet very sensitive. So, we thought, how can we make this an even stronger experience for the guests? By fitting our design into the environment in the most sensitive way,”
Reda Amalou, Kasiiya Architect from Paris based agency AW2.

Kaisiiya Papagayo

Kasiiya is a tropical paradise located in the northwestern province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The delicate design of the eco-resort. elegantly designed by French studio AW² takes conservation, sustainability and minimalism into account.

Not a single tree was cut down during the construction of Kasiiya, and with just seven tented suites, it makes for a peaceful and private stay. Nearby, there are three breathtaking beaches and walking trails and over 100 acres of unspoilt jungle to get lost in.

Imagery courtesy of @kasiiyapapagayo

Kasiiya Papagayo Resort Hotel won a recent 2021 Green Good Design® Award from The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum. Set amid the calm and seclusion of Costa Rica’s spectacular natural surroundings, each handcrafted Kasiiya suite is a charming, private retreat in its own right.
“In such a pristine site, the choice seemed obvious. The goal was to leave no trace behind if the hotel was to be removed. With help from a tent specialist, we designed a tent that has a pine frame and a deck of Brazilian red cherry. The roof has five layers—four of cotton canvas and one of PVC for protection from the rain,”
Stéphanie Ledoux, Kasiiya Architect from Paris based agency AW2.



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