Editor’s Picks: Conscious Christmas

A conscious Christmas means bringing mindfulness to celebration and gift buying. If you do buy presents, ask yourself: Where did this come from? Who made it? How many times will the person use it? And how long will it last?

The festive season often leaves a wake of waste, in the aftermath the excess and indulgence. And now with our increasingly busy schedules, social media and consumerism, it’s more important than ever to re-assess the impact of our expenditure. Being conscious of what we are buying also sends a message to our children about the magic of Christmas.

Bianca Jordan's beautiful collage illustrates some of the consciously created Christmas gifts you can buy from The Together Project's Marketplace.

Conscious Christmas – Editor’s Picks

Thanks to The Together Project’s Marketplace it’s never been easier to have an impact with where are you spend your money. We’ve compiled  a list of wonderful gifts to share with your loved ones. They are all thoughtful and sustainable.

Bolga Holiday Fedora
Our Bolga Hat was created and named after one of the most remote cities in Ghana, Bolgatanga, when we visited during our Pilot trip in 2019. This is a collaboration between The Together Project, TradeAid Integrated and the incredible masterweavers in Bolgatanga. Elephant Grass is the chosen material, a fibre with a great tradition in the basketwork in northern Ghana, giving each hat a special and dynamic shape. Each hat is handmade please allow for slight variation in sizing.


Oso Bag
The Oso by Kayadua is a tunnel bag with a voluminous shape. It has one compartment in the interior to store small purses, mobile phones and all your small everyday essentials. It is made in satin, organza, organdy and cotton fabric and 90% of Oso form is made from dead stock fabric. The bag is designed with adjustable straps so it can either either be hanged over the shoulder, crossbody and as a hand bag.


Sun Wall piece
If you’re seeking a special piece to add some character and textural warmth to a space, the Nenega has just the right amount of personality. Billum and Bass take a collaborative approach that builds a channel for PNG artisans with traditional skills to access and participate in the creative arts industry and the global value chain.


SilaiWali Dolls

To have an impact on Afghan refugee women living in New Delhi you can purchase a small SilaiWali rag doll for a loved one or child from our market place. Female refugee artisans are taught by SilaiWali to make these hand stitched dolls. The social enterprise  currently up-cycle waste fabric generated from apparel factories; provide an equitable working environment and generate much needed funds back to to their displaced communities.


Plant trees in Mozambique.

Your donation to Eden Reforestation Projects will go towards planting trees and alleviating extreme poverty. Eden Reforestation Projects is a nonprofit organisation that works in developing countries to rebuild natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation. Eden works directly with villages and communities suffering from extreme poverty resulting from the deforestation and destruction of the land that sustains them.


Stress Relieving Tea

House of Waris brings you Love Conquers All Stress relieving tea. This is a tea experience rooted in plant science and centred around both education and celebration. Their proprietary line of adaptogenic blends offers rose a sign of sensuality, luxuriousness, and love for centuries, in a blend with with Shatavari, a natural remedy long used in Ayurveda. This tea is blended to address high stress levels and provide soothing balance to the body & mind.


Cotton Beach Blanket

Wøven in German jacquard looms with one hundred percent cotton each of VISO’s tapestry cotton blankets is finished by hand in the United States. The outcome is an exceptional textile, built to last, with high definition artwork that has history woven into every inch.


Bolga pot Basket

Natural, beautiful and built to last, these TradeAID elephant grass baskets are the perfect vessel for hiding unsightly indoor pot plants. Created by various craft groups in the Bolgatanga area in Ghana, 22% of the community rely on the income created from the Crafts and Arts industry, due to the limitations of agriculture caused by the hot and dry climate.




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