Editors Picks: A Case for Baskets

Every basket purchased on The Together Project is from a reliable producer who has certified transparency of its supply chain and traceability of its production model. This means baskets come only from makers who equitably distribute profits back to the weavers.


“Basket weavers are usually forced to sell their products to middlemen for a pittance, who go on to sell their goods to shops for a large profit for themselves,” says TradeAID Integrated. TradeAID Integrated, founded by Nicholas Apokerah, deliver most of baskets in the market place through the basket weaver project in Ghana, They are proud to eliminate these middlemen, through buying directly from the artisans and providing them with a fair price for their work.

Another critical part of this is process is that TradeAID helps community weavers by creating a Straw Bank. Straw can be expensive for the communities to buy from the market themselves. So what TradeAID Integrated does is buy the straw in bulk, at opportune times when the price is lower, and then it sells it to the communities for a cheaper price.

“By providing orders to the basket weavers from the international market, we are able to provide fair prices which will allow them to make a livelihood from their work, which they put so much time, skill and effort into. As a Fair Trade organisation, this is crucial to our aims,” says Nicholas Apokerah from TradeAID Integrated.

Basket Making An Ancient Craft 

Basket making all over Africa is an ancient skill that has survived to this day. Traditional fibres used in basketry reflect the local habitat and create economy in the places in their village or city of origin.

In Ghana the traditional weaving done in Bolgatana is made from Elephant grass. The much loved baskets are commonly called “The Bolga Basket”.

By purchasing one of our TradeAID, Kathrin Echardt Studio woven baskets or a Golden Editions woven lampshades you are having a direct impact by giving the countries where they are produced, the opportunity to participate in the global economy. Fair trade helps grow local economies, creates jobs, and reduces poverty.

“By providing orders to the basket weavers from the international market, we are able to provide fair prices which will allow them to make a livelihood from their work, which they put so much time, skill and effort into. As a Fair Trade organisation, this is crucial to our aims”
TradeAID Integrated

Editor’s Picks  – Basket Collection 

Moses Basket

The Moses basket is for carrying a child, in a portable cradle. Hand-woven from the abundant elephant grass which grows in the rich flood plains of the White Volta near the village of Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana –  this Moses basket has strong handles made from Goat leather.  The perfect gift for those expecting or for your own new born baby aged 1-6 month.


Dog Basket

Woven dog beds and baskets provide a luxurious home for your pet. Often handmade, and much more environmentally friendly than plastic pet beds on the market, woven dog beds and baskets offer a classy yet comfy sleeping spot for your pooch. Made from Elephant grass, this beautiful decorative dog basket also harks from Bolgatanga, Ghana. It can sit alongside any range of interiors offering a rustic, organic and sculptural shape to any living room or garden terrace.



Natural, beautiful and built to last, this TradeAID Ushopper is made from elephant grass by weavers in in Bolgatanga, Ghana. These baskets are easily restored to their original shape should they ever fall out of place and by buying one you are helping to improve the livelihoods of various craft groups in the Bolgatanga area. In Ghana. 22% of the community rely on the income created from the Crafts and Arts industry, due to the limitations of agriculture caused by the hot and dry climate of this region. The project involves a grand total of 49 basket weaving communities, including; Vea, Nyariga, Sumbrungu, Zaare, Yikene and Zoko.


Bolga Basket Vase

These baskets are ideal for storage or can add colour to your interior décor. They are hand-woven from the elephant grass and they are fully malleable and easy to reshape, simply immerse in water for a few minutes and adjust to suit your potted plant or vase. Through the Basket Weavers Market Support Project, TradeAID and The Together Project work with 49 basket weaving communities which improve the livelihood of artisans and communities in these areas.


Giant Netting Pot Basket – Kathrin Eckhardt Studio

The essence of Kathrin Eckhart’s brand is joy, fun and adventure. Her studio, born in Switzerland and now set up in Ghana, cares about conscious craftsmanship and upholding the highest possible standards. These oversized art baskets were developed for a show in 2020 at Galerie Mueller in Basel, Switzerland. Each one is handmade by Master Weavers in Ghana. They are perfect as sustainable sculpture for your home, just as perfect in the entrance hall of resort or Onsen, as they would be out on a pool deck or to punctuate a large, rambling terrace dining room.




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