Earthly visions of beauty by VISO Project

With backgrounds in luxury and publishing, New York-based creative directors David Vivirido and Barcelona-based Francesco Sourigues create conscious, design objects as VISO Project.

Their modern, fun, and beautifully crafted products are made in Spain and  together they transport homeware design into a beautiful realm, ensuring production doesn’t harm the planet.

Creative partners David, born in Galicia, north of Spain, and Francesco born in Rosario, Argentina, transformed their ‘obsession with lifestyle, interiors and objects in their 30’s’, into an initial capsule collection that sold out in a month.

“We were living in Barcelona creating a concept store, when we realised how hard it is to source unique, high-quality design and decor pieces, with a sensible price point,” explains co-founder David Vivirido.

Combining that discovery with their wish to  venture into physical products, is what gave birth to their very first collection. Fast forward to 2021, and VISO Project continues to advance in style and popularity.

To bring their vision to life the team research small factories and artisans  and then convince them to make one-of-a-kind pieces with limited production. David admits that’s no easy feat, ‘when you’re targeting crafts that may be a little forgotten, or not as popular in the mainstream scene’.

The two threads of their lives, lived between Spain and New York, now creatively inform the collections they develop. So far, they have done a wild karma sutra porcelain collection, colourful blankets, cushion covers and ceramics.

“Being based on both sides of the Atlantic creates a dynamic synergy that is also part of the brand’s DNA. The juxtaposition of Spain’s “slow living” approach and the frenetic New York lifestyle, becomes almost like the Ying to the Yang.

“However, when it comes down to the product itself, we really wanted to explore the possibilities of Spanish craftsmanship as it is still very much alive these days and the possibilities are endless, from ceramics to wool, rugs. We are also now exploring collaborations with artisans in other countries like Italy, Portugal, Mexico and the US,” says David.

VISO Project: Tapesty Blanket. These Tapestry throws are woven in one hundred percent cotton with seasonal exclusive patterns.

Distinctive mohair blankets and cushions currently sold through The Together Project, have become a staple of the collection each season.

“All the pieces we make in mohair are really a gem. The process is totally by hand, a tradition of over hundreds of years, and the end result is a blanket and pillows you can keep for the decades to come. We use the same factory that Loewe and Céline use for their blankets. Our main approach is the price point, so our products are the same quality as theirs but consciously priced and, of course, designed by us.”

David and Francesco have also developed cotton blankets, with bold designs for warmer months, for us at beach picnics, or as end of bed throws.

Our capsule collection on cotton tapestry feels cool and dry for warmer days. They’re woven into really fun patterns, and they’re very resistant, perfect for outdoors or even for hanging on the walls,” he says.

Exploring colour with confidence and passion is what informs VISO’s distinctive use of bright hues.

“When it comes to choosing colour palettes, we gather our thoughts and inspiration and brainstorm what shades of colours we feel fits best with the time of the year or the overall mood. This fall, we decided to go for bright, positive colours, a little more daring than what we normally do, but it feels like the right time to do it. We are going to see a lot of bright oranges and even purple,” says David.

Their state of inspiration is derived from music, art, nightlife, furniture, and interiors, as is easy to see on David’s brilliantly visual Instagram or the pages of the magazine they founded and co-publish Hercules Universal.

“Inspiration for a collection can come from a very intricate research board, sometimes it’s something as simple as a travel journey or even the colours of a sunset. With all those different ideas, we both come together to unify the message into one vision. Then the development process begins, and that is very unique depending on each artisan.”

The VISO Project Tapestry throw is woven in one hundred percent cotton and hand finished by artisans in the United States, woven in German jacquard looms.
“For us the key is to surround ourselves with beautiful objects every day, objects that inspire us and makes us happy. Same as we invest so much time and effort in the way we dress everyday, we want to apply the same to our homes, places and spaces where we spend such an important part of our lives.”
David Vivirido and Francesco Sourigues, Co-founders of VISO Project
Tapestry Blankets are cotton blankets perfect for use in the warmer months.
“Being based on both sides of the Atlantic creates a dynamic synergy that is also part of the brand's DNA. The juxtaposition of Spain's "slow living" approach and the frenetic New York lifestyle becomes almost like the Ying to the Yang.”
David Vivirido, co-founder VISO Project

Sustainable Production

Baked into each product is VISO’s commitment to sustainability. “Sustainability is a very important aspect for us. The way we see it, there is nothing more sustainable than having long lasting high quality products, something you can pass on for generations."

“At the same time it comes down to limited productions where we can trace every element in the production chain and understand it’s true impact.

“We produce simply what we need and sometimes not even that, in order to conserve the work ethos of the artisans, that’s why you’ll find some of our products often sold out. Keeping in mind that most of the items we manufacture at Viso are handmade or hand finished, so this doesn’t allow for the fastest replenishment.

“In order to add a new sustainability layer to the project, now we are working on series created entirely with natural dyes to guarantee zero impact to the environment. We’ve also minimised our packaging to recycled materials. We are also working on capsules of vegan products where no animals are involved.”


VISO Project Tapestry Blankets are cotton blankets, with bold designs for warmer months, for use at beach picnics, or as end of bed throws.
“Being based on both sides of the Atlantic creates a dynamic synergy that is also part of the brand's DNA. The juxtaposition of Spain's "slow living" approach and the frenetic New York lifestyle becomes almost like the Ying to the Yang.”
David Vivirido
Viso Project Mohair blanket, in the VISO studio in New York.



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